Happy Chinese New Year! A new name, a new logo, and a new beginning….

Happy Chinese New Year! A new name, a new logo, and a new beginning….

Gong xi fa cai! Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! This is a brand new year and new beginning for Plant Alkemie.

I am very excited to announce the expanded name of my school, which is now called Plant Alkemie Institute of Holistic Botanical Studies!

You may be wondering why I changed the name from ‘Plant Alkemie’ to ‘Plant Alkemie Institute of Holistic Botanical Studies’. Plant Alkemie initially started out as an educational website with the intent to become a school, and it has been a school (in its fledging stages!) since spring 2018. I have been hard at work course writing so I can start teaching, which has not been an easy feat (in addition to running my school, I also work a second job, and I have chronic health issues). I plan to start teaching my courses very soon: this spring! I have hosted other teachers, and I have presented a few webinars for the Beyond the Essential Oil Recipe Online Summit and a couple facebook groups. But I felt that I needed to change the name a little to emphasize that Plant Alkemie is more than just an educational website or the name of a facebook group or a facebook page, but that it is indeed a school. Hence why I added ‘Institute of Holistic Botanical Studies’ to its name. Plant Alkemie is still the main name of my school, but its full official name is just a little longer now! Thank you to my family and friends for their input in choosing a new name (I literally thought of dozens of names, and they all patiently listened to and gave advice on each of them!).

I am also so happy to finally have a logo for my school! I used to just use one of my photographs as the banner for my school but I never had a real logo until now.

There are a few reasons why I chose a rose to represent my school. Rose is the plant that I resonate the most with energetically. Rose has helped me through so much, especially in the past few years, through happiness as well as in times of grief and hardship. Rose represents all matters of the emotional heart. Rose has other meanings too!  Many people often state that they are a certain plant or aromatic: I am rose. So a rose represents the heart of Plant Alkemie Institute of Holistic Botanical Studies. I chose rose for these and other reasons too. 😉

The rose was a photo of a rose from my garden. One of my good friends, aromatherapy pioneer & formulator Mark Webb, transformed the rose into a piece of art, using an art app. Below is the rose that he transformed.

Another one my amazing friends, qualified aromatherapist Ana Sullivan, created my logo. Ana worked so hard on it; she created many different variations of it. Some of the versions she created are colored, black and white, transparent background, initials, etc. On this website, right now you only see the final color version, but you will see the other versions posted soon, on graphics on future articles, and other places too. If you need graphic work done, then I highly recommend hiring Ana for all your graphic and logo needs! You can contact her through her aromatherapy website, Naturalmente Esenciales.

Thank you so much Ana and Mark!

I have also changed the name of my facebook group a little. It used to be called ‘Plant Alkemie: Herbs, Essential Oils, Perfumes & Formulation’. It is now called ‘Herbs, Essential Oils, Perfumes & Formulation by Plant Alkemie’. I would have added the rest of Plant Alkemie’s official full name but then it would have been too long! The url is the same as before.

This is the beginning of a new year, hopefully one filled with much change, prosperity, hope, and joy. I hope that Plant Alkemie Institute of Holistic Botanical Studies will become part of your journey in learning more about plants, nature, and the Earth! Happy Year of the Rat! 🙂

What do you think about my school’s expanded name and new logo? Are you excited about the changes and my future courses? Please let me know what you think in the comments down below!

Lastly, if you have any questions about aromatherapy, herbalism, formulation, and perfumery, please feel free to ask them in Plant Alkemie Institute of Holistic Botanical Studies’ Facebook group or on Plant Alkemie Institute of Holistic Botanical Studies’ Facebook business page!

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