Beyond The Essential Oil Recipe Online Summit

Beyond The Essential Oil Recipe Online Summit

As many people on Plant Alkemie’s facebook fan page and also Plant Alkemie’s facebook group know, the Beyond the Essential Oil Recipe online summit has been going on in full force for the past several days! Each day in my facebook group, I have been summarizing each day’s presenters and presentations.

The summit started on November 19 and the last of the presentations will be released on December 2nd. It is hosted by qualified aromatherapists Elizabeth Ashley Starns (who is known as the Secret Healer) and Gergely Hollodi. Over sixty aromatherapy pioneers, vintage (also known as long time) aromatherapists, qualified aromatherapists, essential oil chemists, and essential oil specialists have gotten together to share their insights on a wide variety of topics in aromatherapy! Some of the aromatherapists that are taking part are some of my many past and current teachers, like aromatherapy pioneers Mark Webb, Sylla Sheppard Hanger, Madeleine Kerkhof, Cathy Skipper, Florian Birkmayer, and Jade Shutes. Many of my wonderful friends and colleagues are presenting too!

I have enjoyed several of presentations, and I can’t wait to hear them all! I feel very humbled and honored to be one of the presenters and to be a part of such an amazing group of aromatherapists and essential oil experts.

My presentation is being released TODAY, which is November 29, 2018. It is on ‘Aromatherapy Formulations: Myths & Misconceptions‘. Like all of the other presentations, it will be available to view for free for seven days. So my talk will be viewable until Dec 5th! I hope you enjoy my video. If you view my presentation then please let me know what you think about it!  You can reach me by posting a comment at the bottom of this article, or you can post on my facebook fan page or my facebook group.

If you haven’t been viewing the summit, then I recommend catching it! This is authentic aromatherapy education from some of the best in the field, and it is FREE but only for a while longer! However since each day’s presenters are only viewable for seven days, the presenters of the first few days are no longer available.

If you would like more time to view the presentations then you may want to consider purchasing the recordings. They come with the pdfs or notes, and a lot of bonuses such as free courses and discounts. I bought the recordings and I am so glad I did! Since there are so many presenters (over sixty) I knew there was no way for me to listen to all of them during the summit. I have only had time to listen to some of them so far, and each presentation that I have listened to has been excellent and packed with a lot of information!

If you would like to support me (Li Wong) and Plant Alkemie, then please consider using my link to see the summit or to purchase the recordings. I usually do not use affiliate links (none of the other links on Plant Alkemie’s website are affiliate links). However, I am using an affiliate link for the summit. Most of the links from the summit are affiliate links, and you don’t need to use my link, but it is deeply appreciated if you do! The recordings are completely free to view during the summit. But if you purchase the recordings and the bonuses I will be receiving a portion of the cost. I chose to use an affiliate link for the summit since I am presenting (the presenters were not given any monetary compensation for their presentations, and we were not given free access to the recordings and bonuses). Here is my link:

The full price of the summit recordings and bonuses is $497, however, during the showing of the free summit, it is on sale for $197. It will go back to full price after the summit. So if you have been watching and enjoying the summit, and you want to purchase the recordings and receive all the bonuses, then don’t miss out!

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