Li Wong at Hidden Spring Lavender Farm, NJ.

Li Wong at Hidden Spring Lavender Farm. Photo by Robin Kessler.

Plant Alkemie Institute of Holistic Botanical Studies is a school for aromatherapy, herbalism, formulation, natural perfumery, and eco living.

Li Wong is an environmentalist who loves helping others learn about and reconnect with nature.

It has been almost thirty years since I first started studying environmental science, ecological issues, and biology as a teen! I have two degrees in environmental science/biology, including course work in botany and ethnobotany. I started studying aromatherapy, herbalism, and natural skin care about twenty years ago.

I am a qualified aromatherapist, qualified herbalist, environmental scientist, natural perfumer, and professional cosmetic formulator. I am trained in clinical aromatherapy and advanced aromatic medicine. I am one of the 25 US aromatherapists with a 300 credit hour diploma in advanced aromatic medicine (which includes training in but it is much more than internal usage). I am trained in family, community, and clinical western herbalism. I am currently studying Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I focus on both the science and energetics of plants! I have studied with over thirty past and present aromatherapy and herbalism teachers.

I live in the N. Virginia/the DC metropolitan area. But I often visit Philadelphia. So I have hosted another teacher in Philadelphia, and in the future, I hope to host or teach courses in both locations (at this time, I am not hosting or teaching in person classes).

On this website, I hope to share some of my knowledge through articles, and I hope to start teaching courses soon. I will post information on my courses when I begin teaching! I presented on aromatherapy formulation in the Beyond the Essential Oil Recipe Summit in Nov 2018. I have conducted a couple webinars and facebook lives too. Plant Alkemie also hosts other teachers: in Oct 2018, I hosted aromatherapy pioneer Mark Webb’s CO2 extracts course in Philadelphia.

You may be wondering why I chose the name ‘Plant Alkemie’. Several years ago, I had an aromatherapy and herbalism natural skin care and perfumery company called Earth Alkemie. I called my company Earth Alkemie to emphasize my connection to the Earth, the elements, and alchemy (which is the art of transformation, including the transformation of the soul). Earth Alkemie is closed, but it seemed only natural to call my educational website and school ‘Plant Alkemie’ as plant education is the next part of my journey. In early 2020, I expanded Plant Alkemie’s name to Plant Alkemie Institute of Holistic Botanical Studies. You can read more about the expanded name here.

All the photos on this website were taken by me during my travels, except as noted (like the photo of me above! Thanks Robin!). All photos and articles are copyrighted and they may not be used without permission.

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