Mark Webb’s CO2 Course In Philadelphia on October 6th and 7th 2018

Mark Webb’s CO2 Course In Philadelphia on October 6th and 7th 2018

New note: the class was a success! Thank you all for coming! I am leaving up this article as a reference.


Plant Alkemie will be hosting Mark Webb’s CO2 course in October!

Aromatherapy/aromatic medicine pioneer and cosmetic formulator Mark Webb will be teaching his two day CO2 class in Philadelphia on October 6th and October 7th 2018.


Course Details (From Mark Webb):


“Mark will delve deeply into the world of CO2 Extracts, looking firstly at the production technology and how this effects the end product. He will compare and contrast a range of volatile and non-volatile, Liquid, Select and Total CO2 Extracts with their essential and fixed oil counterparts and oleoresins, discussing safe and effective usage within topical and internal formulations.

Mark has over a decade of experience formulating with CO2 extracts, making him well placed to discuss their uses within the fields of cosmeceutical and aromatic therapy applications. His knowledge about how to incorporate these extracts in food and beverages for both therapeutic and non-therapeutic use enables him to provide a broad range of practical and day to day examples. If you have been curious about using CO2 Extracts, this is the workshop to answer your questions.

Relevant Professions:

Personnel associated with the EO & aromatic extracts industries: distillers, extractors, chemists, retailers & wholesalers.

People working within the food & beverage arena: chefs, bakers, and chocolatiers.

Cosmetic & Nutraceutical Formulators

Food & Beverage Formulators

Herbalists & Naturopaths

Natural Perfumers”

Mark Webb's CO2 Extracts Course

Mark Webb’s CO2 Extracts Course. Photo by Mark Webb.


Course Cost:


The course is $450, however, there is an early bird special of $390, which ends on September 22, 2018. In addition to the early bird special, Mark is offering a special coupon for $30 off (so the cost of the course will be $360) for the first twenty people who sign up using code “BOOKFAST”! But there are only a few coupons left so sign up soon!

Note: originally the early bird special ended on Sept. 15th.  However due to the disruptions because of the recent hurricane on the east coast, Mark has graciously extended the early bird special until September 22nd.


Course Description:


Here is a pdf with the course description and reviews.


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